Lick No Wipe Top Coat- UV/LED

Rs. 899.00
Inclusive of all taxes

Lick no wipe top coat seals the polish and makes you ready to go in a couple of seconds. It prevents the gel polish from chipping and delivers a long-lasting and beautiful shine. It is applied after the application of gel polish, it is the last and very essential step to seal everything in. Lick no wipe top coat will give your polish a perfect finish. It strengthens the nail bed as it dries to protect the gel polish from peeling, scratches, and other environmental damage. Moreover, it helps gel polish to stay young and glossy, it hides minor flaws like dents, fine lines, and much more which are accidentally passed on to the nails. It requires UV/LED lamps to cure and there are no harmful chemicals present in the formulation which can lead to allergies or skin reactions. The quantity of no wipe matte top coat is 15 ml. It can easily cater to the needs of a minimum of 40 clients and it is highly recommended for salon professionals as well as consumers.
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