Mrs. Shweta Mathur

Our Stroy

“A journey to find your inner beauty, your flexibility and strength.”

At lick nail, Mrs. Shweta Mathur has been having vision since day one. She is an interior designer by profession and poetess by heart which makes her creative by soul. She brought together beauty in such a way that no one else had imagined and started her own company Lick nail.

Being a professional lady herself, having acrylic or gel nails 24/7 is not really convenient. Being able to pop on and pop off nails in just a few minutes is a real lifesaver for her. So she created luxurious press-on nails to reach out to today’s women, while also empowering them.

With these press-on nails, women will be able to change up their nails anytime without wasting their precious time. Moreover, this will not damage their nails and regrowth cycle.

Our owner Mrs. Shweta Mathur offers you premium quality, salon-style press on nails lasting for up to two weeks without needing re-application. Whether you’re a full-time mum, a working professional, an athlete or you just love changing nail styles every day we have a set for all.

Our Journey


Core Team

Our Leadership Team Drives Our Brand, guides our strategy and leads our people

Mr. Anil Gupta
Director Chief Advisor

It is always said that behind every successful man is a woman. But in the case of Mrs Shweta Mathur, it is the other way around Being a well-off businessman himself, Mr Anil surely knows what it takes to run a business without compromising on the quality of your products. His patience, unflagging, confidence makes him what he is today!

Mr. Vishal Saniyal
Director- Maharashtra

Mr. Yogesh Kumar
Co-Founder -Country Head

Yogesh describes himself selfeffecingly as he believes one should always work in silence, only the success should make noise. He is gregarious, persistent and cordial in all his associations and is the leading light of NS Family. He is serving as a Country Head. Team members see him as most humble and soft spoken with a contagious smile

Director -Corporate -Service & Delivery

Mr. Ankit
Head Ops & Logistics

Mr. Sanjeev
Territory Head -West UP -Uttarakhand

Ms. Radha
Territory Head -South

Mr. Akshay
Territory Head -AP & Telangana.

Mr. Manish
Territory Head- East UP -Bihar-Jharkhand-Rajasthan

Our Values


To be a company recognized by the quality of our beauty products. While fuelling the dreams of hundreds and thousands of other women in our country. We hope to give the same kind of life to as many women as possible for which we also planning to set up nail bars and training centres, shortly for women who can not only be self-sufficient,but also learn and develop new skills. Keeping up with our values like salvation, integrity, commitment, self-sacrifice, wisdom, and exceptional quality


Our mission is to ensure the complete satisfaction and well-being of our clients, manufacturing highperformance cosmetics and promoting innovation, maximum efficiency, competitiveness and social responsibility. We aim to be recognized always and trying to reach a state in which we never compromise between one's beauty and well-being.We wanted to create an atmosphere where women help other women grow. Something which would be ‘By the women, for the women’. We strive to set a benchmark for introducing the concept of press on nails in India for the first time and maintaining its value by serving the nail solution and empowering women at the same time


We will have a ‘Zero-compromise’ approach to quality which will be ensured by services that are delivered with world-class products and techniques and with fail-safe hygienic practices, in an environment designed to be comfortable yet luxurious.

Customer Centricity

Driven by our commitment to customer satisfaction, our brand experience will be designed to ensure customer comfort, convenience and delight in every interaction with the brand within or outside the salon.


We will provide best-in-class services with personalised consultation and skilled service delivery by ensuring meticulous training and developing skills of our experts in skin, body and hair styling sciences.


We will continually seek ways to re-imagine the technique and technology used to deliver beauty and styling services and foster thought leadership in offering superior customer experience to ensure we are always ahead of the curve.

Value for Money

Our goal is to ensure that every single customer feels a justified sense of worth in the services availed and that as a community, to provide more people the opportunity of incorporating the benefits of beauty and styling in their lives with affordable service offerings.


The brand’s relationships with its internal and external stakeholders will be built on culture that nurtures the significance of transparency and ethics in its thoughts and transactions.

Social Responsibility

With a mission to give cancer survivors emotional support and boost confidence, ‘Shair’ – a country wide hair donation drive by green trends was launched with an aim to make wigs for the needy cancer survivors who lose their hair to chemotherapy. With the green trends Shair program, we aim to provide wigs free of cost to the needy. Shair provides the perfect platform for people to have an easy, transparent and responsible way to make a difference to underprivileged cancer survivors.